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Get Pooja Room Renovation Stating At Rs.999

Get Your Pooja Room Makeover In Small Budgets, According To The Vastu Shastra

Sometimes referred Pooja room as the heart of the house, the Pooja room is a place of worship and positivism. In Indian society Pooja room have a great place in home, which should be built according to Vastu Shastra. We are here with some excellent pooja room designs for home as per Vastu Shastra. We will renovate your Pooja room in just Rs. 999.

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Vastu for Pooja Room

  • Idols of dissimilar deity should not be positioned in an identical Pooja room since they stem different energies which may source damage in your space creature.
  • The Pooja room should be on the lower floor of the abode only. You are living in an apartment building you can also create a false ceiling in your Pooja room. We are here with so many remedies to get rid of Vastu dosha.
  • Pooja room should not be beneath steps or any stairs.
  • Every abode does not need a Pooja room.
  • Having huge idols of any lord can show to be dreadful for the harmony and success of the family.
  • Pooja rooms should not have photographs of the family members who have left the world for their wonderful abode.
  • Pooja-rooms must be assembled on the root of the astrological charts of the head earning unite of the family. Check vastu for hindu temple construction.

Why should I get my Pooja-room analysis?

Are you conscious that every home should not have a place of worship or Pooja room and that unlike idols of lords should not be positioned in an only Pooja room or space? There are many such effects about your Pooja room that you may not be alert of. It’s hard to believe that the purest area of your abode can be the cause for your troubles, but even a single difficulty in your Pooja space room can have unfavourable effects on you and your family’s lives.

 Get your pooja room designed at Rs. 999

Getting your Pooja room, study will advise you if your Pooja room is planned in the correct way. Getting your Pooja room analyzed by our Astrologer will help you know the type of change and transformations that you need to do in your Pooja space to make sure cheerfulness, health and wealth in your precious life.

Consult our dev sthapati consultantHimani Agyani” for more such information. 

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