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  • Temple is a holy place where we all go for spiritual ritual and activities, we pray in need to receive blessings from our god. But what when such buildings, places are not giving positive results.
  • Today people do not know that many misfortunes and even distress arise from lack of proper orientation of their temples and statues. Only properly oriented temples and statues by Himani “Agyani” can save the individual from being affected by destructive results.
  • These Structures are designed to bring human beings & gods together but if these structures are not constructed on right place and using right positive energy it can bring negative results which one cannot even envision.
  • Yes, most significantly every place has its own “geo thermal energy”. it is very difficult to check these energies and purify the negative one.
  • If holy temples are not well constructed it won’t give any positive result.
  • Place of faith and hope will then into place of Despair.
  • Maximum no. Of temples are constructed in 1960s, and you will be shocked to know that 90% of the temples are not spreading /giving positive energy.
  • Even if placement of temple in our home is north facing and in north east direction, and is completely according to Vastu Shastra. It may give unenthusiastic results. The reason is one it could be possible that energies of statues are not well energized. It is necessary and important to have correct statues and photos of god/goddess at home and in our society.
  • Anything is possible if you have positive energy around you. Himani “Agyani” and her team can make it happen.
  • Himani “Agyani” can check, alter, purify and understand these energies around us. In fact she is the only one in the world right now who can make

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