Puja Room Design for Home

A room for worship is dedicated to every household. We all know there are so many rules with respect to the design of the room for worshiping. Let us have some insight into the Mandir design of your house. Pooja room must be very very designed in accordance with Vastu Shastra. If there is any problem in the design, the results may not be highly fruitful as the case must be.

Placement of idols

Himani “Agyani” will guide you about the right direction of the idols of Gods and Goddesses. She has high knowledge of the right direction of all kinds of Gods and Goddesses. Her deep knowledge will make sure that you get the desires fulfilled. She will make sure that the idols of the Gods that must face the north direction must be placed in the south direction and the idols that must face the east direction be placed accordingly. She will get your pooja room constructed in the north-east direction of your house. Your pooja room design will be perfect. She knows very well about the kinds of idols and their utilities. She would explain to you how to identify the rightly manufactured Idol.

Hawan Kund Placement

Himani “Agyani” will get your HavanKund placed in the center of the room. She would explain to you the benefits of the placement of HavanKund in your house. She would also inform you of all the precautions that are needed when you established HavanKund in your home. Your home Temple design will incorporate HavanKund very appropriately. She will guide you to bring the right size of the kund.

Placement of worship related products

There are so many products that are used in worship. Himani “Agyani” will guide you about what are the products that can be kept at home for worshiping and also about the right quality of products. Your Mandir design for home will be easily capable of placing all the items related to worship in the right direction and the right manner. It will not consume much space. Besides, the rules related to the placement of lamp, whether the lamp should be placed on the right or the left of the idol while worshiping, whether the container with water must be kept on the right or on the left of the idols; will be guided by Himani “Agyani”.

Colour of walls and curtains

The services of Mandir designs for home will also include the suggestions related to the color of walls and curtains. Colors have a very strong and major impact on our life.This is extremely important to understand that the colors should be decided according to the horoscope and birth details of the family members or the head of the family. The colors also have the potential of attracting wealth.

The design of the ceiling

Presently the feelings are also designed symbolically and carefully. Himani Agyani will suggest you the symbols that are lucky for you and will bring prosperous results. According to Hindu temple design for home, the ceilings and the walls must be designed with the symbols and sculptors of appropriate gods. I would suggest you the right place for Puja Aasan for you and your family members; and Chowki for the placement of the idols.

Placements of religious books

There are rules related to the placement of religious books also. Himani Agyani will give you the ideas related to Pooja room designs for the home according to which the religious books would be placed in the manner; they bring positive results for the household. The books are very powerful and they can help us in our everyday affairs provided they are kept and treated properly. Himani Agyani will help you in keeping the books in the right manner.

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