Himani “Agyani” – Vedic temple designer (वैदिक देवस्थापति)

Himani “Agyani” was born in a family where she is so tough spiritual practices taking place generations of the generations. Generally, people struggle for their third eye awakening; it is God-gifted to her. She can easily find out what things are necessary to bring positive results at your home, office and building to put the things on track. This helps in in your prosperity and development.

How she deals with energies ?

The capability of absorbing the energies and finding the answers from the universal elements is in her blood. She is the one promising soul who can check and understand the energies around you and can alter and purify them if needed. She is the only one in the world who can rightly figure out at once weather the statues and idols are rightly placed. She is also adept at finding out whether the material used in making the idols are of high energies and giving optimistic results or not.

Temple Consultants in India

Tarot Card Reader cum astrologer

The name behind Himani “Agyani” is Dr. Himani J. Himani “Agyani” is a renowned tarot card reader and Astrologer. Since childhood, she has seen all the Hindu traditions in her family. Her grandparents and parents work her first teachers in making her understand the secret rituals. She has equal command over the spiritual practices of tarot card reading and Vedic astrology.

The profession of her parents was also astrology whose predictions are based on logical and astronomical calculations that are based on mathematics. Women often have the power of sixth sense and intuition. Her mother is blessed with it.

Personal life

Dr. Himani Jolly carries a shelf in a very simple manner in her personal life. She has a sweet daughter. She is a caring wife. She is lovable to all her family relatives since childhood. She has been taught the secrets of Highly Effective spiritual path. Her maternal uncles initiated Nath Yogi’s and Shankaracharya Traditions. One of her uncles is also a famous practitioner of ‘Chakra awakening’. It is used in Yoga system.

Tarot cards: a turning point

It was in the year 1997 on 23rd January, when Himani “Agyani” saw a Tarot deck. She wanted to gift it to her mother. Her mother was not comfortable with English therefore Himani decided to translate it into Hindi so that she can help her read it. Surprisingly, her mother has not yet imbibed the secrets of tarot card reading but the Tarot deck has changed the life of Himani “Agyani” and also the lives of thousands of people who have taken the training of tarot card reading from her.

Research work on yoga and meditation

Dr. Himani Jolly completed the research work on meditation and yoga in the year 2002. Hare reasons of interest were hypnosis, meditation, past life regression and other spiritual elements. She read another book that changed her life by Swami Yoganand. It was ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’. It added something better to her maturity, equanimity and patience. She moved one degree higher emotionally and spiritually.

2004: The year of new understanding

In the year 2004 she started teaching crystal ball gazing techniques, coffee cup reading, past life regression, NLP, hypnotherapy, etc. She is a remarkable trainer. There are thousands of students of hers who are highly inspired by her. This was possible only because she was capable of understanding the different personality types more.

International School of astrology and divine Sciences

Currently Himani “Agyani” is associated with International School of astrology and divine Sciences. The organization is dedicated towards conducting the seminars coma classes and special tours on special subjects.

Maitraya Organization

Maitraya Organisation is an NGO with which Dr. Himani Jolly is associated. This NGO provides quality education to the children were living in the slum areas. Apart from education, it also provides School uniforms, stationery items, free meals, free books, etc; to the children. This applies everything that is necessary for the children to concentrate better in their studies.

Awards and achievements of Himani “Agyani”

Himani “Agyani” has been felicitated several times. She has made India proud on the international level many times. All her awards and achievements are only because she believes in humanity deeply. The primary goal of a life is to solve the problems of others. She looks at her capability of solving others problems as a divine boon. As a result of bringing happiness in others’ lives, God has bestowed her with the following awards and achievements.

Founder President of International School of astrology and divine Sciences

Himani “Agyani” is the proud founding president of International School of astrology and divine Sciences. It is a wonderful feather in India’s cap. The daughter of India is such a great achiever. It is a big deal to take Indian Vedic astrology to international level.

Teaching Tarot cards

Tarot card reading is a systematic science. Dr. Himani Jolly has expertise in teaching the unique and deep meaning of various symbols of Tarot cards with ease. She has successfully trained thousands of people in tarot card reading. She has been highly successful in making multiple researches in the direction of solving the problems with the help of planets. It is really magical to believe that she can predict time of event. It is possible for her to prevent that wrong happening with the help of her research and techniques.

A humble astrologer

Dr. Himani Jolly is a humble astrologer also. She has a wonderful command over Vedic astrology. She has won Jyotish padmabhushan by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage; Jyotish Maharishi Award by Katyayani Jyotish Sansthan, Mumbai; Samatvam Award by Third Eye Spiritual Research Foundation; Bharat Bhushan Award by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, Calcutta and Prof. K. S. Memorial Award by K P Staler Astrological Research Institute.

Teaching graphology to Indian military

Dr. Himani Jolly got a golden opportunity to teach graphology to the defense officers of the Indian military in the year 2016. Graphology is the study of understanding the patterns and characteristics of handwriting. This is helpful in knowing the psychological state of a person. This kind of training for Indian Military officers was given for the first time in Indian history. It was done to make them understand the psychology of the criminals and predict their future actions so that they can be prevented.

Weekly Zodiac prediction column for Rajasthan Patrika (2005-2008)

Dr. Himani Jolly has an experience of writing Zodiac prediction column for 3 years. It was for Rajasthan Patrika.

Weekly Zodiac prediction column for Dainik Bhaskar (2008-2010)

Dr Himani Jolly has also given her contribution to the column of Weekly Zodiac prediction for the newspaper called as Dainik Bhaskar. It was from 2008 to 2010.

Monday live show with zee Rajasthan since 2015

Dr. Himani Jolly is also participating in the live show that takes place on every Monday on Zee Rajasthan. The show has been a huge success since the year 2015 and people are getting highly benefited from it.

Morning show with 91.1 FM since 2007

You have a golden opportunity to listen to Dr. Himani Jolly if you can tune into 91.1 FM. It is Radio City where you can listen to the precious teachings of Dr. Jolly. She has been active on 91.1 FM since the year 2007.

Documentary on Vedic astrology for Columbia

Dr. Himani Jolly has given contribution to a documentary that took place in India. It was for the spreading of awareness of Vedic astrology. The documentary was made for Columbia University, USA.

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